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The workshop Tropical Architecture in the Anthropocene addresses the correlation between man-made and natural environments and investigates construction technologies for low-cost housing proto-types within tropical climate.

Besides the development of climate-adapted constructions the workshop will also test practices that combine housing infrastructures with natural systems (such as green roofs, climate adapted ventilation, new construction materials, etc.). The results of the workshop will serve for the preparation of a low-cost pilot project in the Amazon region that is aiming at innovating the Brazilian mass housing program Minha Casa, Mina Vida.


The workshop program comprises city-walks, input lectures and talks with various experts (construction, economy, environmental systems, popular culture, botanic, etc.), that will enable a deeper insight in diverse topics. In addition exemplary construction technologies will be explored in a test installation in Rio de Janeiro. Besides the workshop program several visits of specific locations in Rio will offer the opportunity to learn more about the specific characteristics of tropical (Brazilian) architecture.


Rainer Hehl, Julian Schubert , Elena Schütz, Leonard Streich, Nanda Eskes in collaboration with TU Berlin, ETH Zurich, Hybrid Platform (UdK and TU Berlin), Instituto CASA, PUC Rio de Janeiro, FAU UFRJ, Studio-X, a.o.


March 7-8

March 9
Introduction and city-walk

March 10-11
Input-Lectures, working groups, specific site visits

March 12-14
Construction of proto-types

March 15
Exhibition/presentation of the results


Travel and accomodation costs and a workshop fee of 250 Euros* have to be payed by the applicant (additional requests for sponsoring are still pending). If you are interested in a group booking (in order to reduce the travel and accomodation costs please contact:


For the application procedure please send a short cv and one page (jpg, pdf) showing a sample of your work to:

After the approval of your submission you will receive a confirmation with indications for the payment of the aplication fee (250 Euros*). With the payment of the fee your application will be official.

Deadline for the application

January 30th 2015

*The fee includes material costs, transportation in Rio de Janeiro and organizational costs. After payment the fee may only be reimbursed in exceptional cases (accident, illness).